Tricks To Fix a Draining Battery – By Cell Phone Repair Stores in Chertsey

Every phone upgrade brings many new features that make your life easier. Phones today are not what they were a decade ago.  The downside of this technology is that it can eventually destroy your battery life.

If your Apple or Android mobile phone drains more quickly than usual, do not panic. Millions of customers with phone repair issues like this are helped every day by professionals at cell phone repair stores in Chertsey, using easy solutions. Here is their explanation and guide to the causes of phone battery drain. Let’s begin straight away!

Why is Your Phone’s Battery Draining? Cell Phone Repair Store Experts Answer Why

Here are some of the most typical causes:

  • An excessive amount of messages and alerts are draining the battery.
  • Numerous apps use location-based services.
  • There are far too many apps operating in the background.
  • The screen is really bright.
  • The device is left on for too long before being turned off.
  • There is no service.
  • The phone’s OS is outdated.
  • Your phone’s battery and performance are both impacted by sudden temperature changes.
  • The phone’s battery is at the end of its usable life.

How Can I Extend its Lifespan?

Certified experts from cell phone repair stores in Chertsey have tried and approved each of the below-mentioned solutions.

Activate the Power-Saving Mode

The quickest way to maximize battery performance on your cellphone is to activate the power-saving mode. You can turn on Power saving in the Quick Settings panel and the Battery section of Settings.

Activate the Dark Mode

The experts at Phone Repair Stores claim that activating dark mode will significantly lengthen your phone’s battery life. AMOLED panels can use less energy since they can switch off certain pixels when the background is completely black.

There are several ways you can benefit from this. You can utilize a dark background or turn on a dark theme. Additionally, you can activate dark mode on various Android and iOS apps, including Instagram,  Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, WhatsApp,  and many others.

Decrease Background Activity 

Apps like Twitter and Instagram can keep running in the background even after you’ve closed them, checking for updates, refreshing information, and sending notifications. This could drain your phone’s battery. Here’s how to use the optimization option on your smartphone to minimize background activities:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Battery.
  • Press the “Optimize Now”

Disable the Location

One of the easiest ways to increase the lifespan of your iPhone’s battery is to switch off the location. Any applications that don’t always require location access should have it disabled as well. Doing this can further optimize battery life by preventing certain apps from using the location in the background.

Go to Settings > Location > App Permissions. This section allows you to view all the applications permitted to use location. Turn o On the “Allow only when using the application” or “Don’t allow for apps that don’t need it” for respective applications.

Keep Brightness Low

Next, lower the screen’s brightness to avoid battery drainage. Moreover, it helps prevent burn-in, which can damage your screen completely. Your screen’s brightness can be changed by:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Display
  • Adjust the brightness.

Take Your Phone to a Cell Phone Repair Store in Chertsey

If you have already taken all of these precautions and your battery is still rapidly dying, there may be a major issue. This kind of damage needs to be examined by a professional right away. If this is a problem for you and you live in Chertsey, take your device to a nearby cell phone repair store. Fortunately, Chertsey is home to many trustworthy and reliable phone repair stores, such as PhoneFix4U. All of your phone problems will be quickly resolved by their professionals.

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