DIY iPhone Repair Myths Debunked By Mobile Phone Fix Store

iPhones are the most beautiful creation of Apple, and they are the most expensive as well. People love it because of its commendable features and innovative designs and purchase it by standing in long queues and waiting for their turn to get their hands on this beauty. Imagine going through all the trouble, your iPhone breaks or is damaged because of some reason. It would break your heart. We have seen many people treat their iPhones as their beloved babies. How would you deal with the shock? It will be immensely frustrating and annoying for your to get your phone fixed. Let’s just face it, no one wants to deal with a broken anything. Be it a heart of a human or a broken iPhone. Both are hard to mend but not impossible with the right fix. Yes, the iPhone is expensive, but it does break. Apple makes its products notorious for user manipulation that makes you feel you have no chance other than to take your phone to the Apple store. It is also one of the myths that need to be debunked. People, due to a lack of knowledge, make a few mistakes that cost them a lot of money. If you are also an iPhone user, you must research thoroughly to make smart choices about your smartphone. Flash Fix London is a mobile phone fix store that has debunked a few DIY iPhone Repair Myths. 

Myth 1: Water is The End of An iPhone

Technologies are not the biggest fan of water. That bit is true, but saying that water is the end of an iPhone is an exaggeration. Apple has inserted a lot of water sensors in your phone that can sense water and moisture so that they don’t have to fix your phone after giving you all the warnings. However, if your iPhone has come in contact with water, it doesn’t mean you have to throw it back in the water and replace it with the new one. There are many ways to fix a water-drenched smartphone. Many individuals put their wet phones in a bowl full of rice and expect it to absorb water. Rice has the property to absorb water, but if you put your iPhone in rice, it might be possible that the dust and broken rice particles enter your phone’s openings and destroy the components further. It is better to use silicon bags because they have the same properties and are fine absorbents. If you suspect the damage is more than you expect, you must take it to the experts in a mobile phone repair shop London and let them fix your phone. 

Myth 2: A Dead iPhone Battery Means You must Replace the Phone with a Brand-new one

People who use iPhones believe they should change their phones once the battery gets old and dead. We have seen many people come to us telling that their battery is dead or their battery health is below 80%, so they want to get the whole phone replaced. It is one of the biggest myths that need to be debunked. If your battery is not working as expected and is draining fast, there are many ways to fix a dead battery. You don’t have to go to Apple necessarily to change the battery. Professionals in mobile phone repair stores in London can handle a damaged battery with the use of genuine Apple products. They can get your phone’s battery replaced with a new one, but you don’t have a buy a new phone.

Myth 3: Get iPhone Repairs Done By Apple

Many iPhone users believe that if iPhone gets damaged, it can only be repaired by Apple. However, that is not true. Apple might be a manufacturer of iPhones, but you can also get your phone fixed by authentic, reputable and reliable stores, like a phone fix shop in London. The experts working there are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable. If you get your phone repaired by them, it will be less time-consuming and less costly. Giving your phone to Apple means you have to wait for months to get it back. They will also cost a lot if your phone is not under warranty. 

Myth 4: iPhone repairs are expensive, So get your phone fixed at home and save money

This is one of the biggest problems of people. They think there is no need to get iPhones repaired because the repairs are expensive, so they should fix them at home. Yes, Apple products are costly, so, naturally, their repairs and spare parts will also be expensive, but it is still possible to get your phone repaired without having to break the bank. Phone repair London says that repairing a phone costs less than buying a brand-new phone. Many people don’t have the budget to purchase a phone, so they must choose to get it repaired. If you try and fix your phone yourself, you might end up damaging the tiny components of your phone which will cause you trouble and money. 

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