Apps & Software – How to Remote Access the Quickbooks?

Quickbooks have always been a lifesaver & master of accounting & business management tools. Its high-end sophisticated software helps its client solve all business-related problems.

Intuit has launched its website by the name which provides remote help to everyone solving problems related to Turbotax & more. In this article, we cover everything related to & how it is related to VoIP. You will also learn about how to download the Glance Intuit software & more.

What Is Remote Support?

What Is Remote Support?


We all know that computing taxes & accounting records can be troublesome. Despite having the calculators & software which helps you do the work, but doubts still exist & human support is required, therefore. remote access is the most viable solution to this problem. It is a remote screen-sharing app or software for Turbotax & Quickbooks which allows you remote access & screen sharing option.

In this way, users can interact amongst themselves & make use of their skills to help others. Guidance sessions can also be set up through the website which helps business owners & tax professionals with their tax calculating & more.

This way of interacting & solving problems is quite effective & convenient as well. Seeing the same screen as the respondent helps the user to identify the problem & work to provide its solution in a much better & quicker way as compared to explaining the problems over the phone or email.

Glance as a Screen Sharing App

Intuit collaborates with Glance which allows customers & users to interact with tax experts from Intuit. Screen sharing is the best possible option while using Glance. The pros for using this software are that it is committed to handling & taking immense care of Intuit’s privacy & security requirements.

Moreover, the software is capable of handling a massive number of users simultaneously even during the tax seasons. It is a capable, lag-free platform with quick support tools.

How is Glance Intuit Related to VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make calls using an internet connection rather than the old-school phone lines.

VoIP allows you to easily connect through Glance in case you have problems connecting the standard way. You have options to do both & the connection can be integrated through the software. Download

It is an easy task to download remote access software. Below are some solutions provided of the most common problems which you might encounter when downloading the software.

  • If your download does not seem to start then you should refresh the webpage at
  • Try using a different browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera if downloading doesn’t start in your primary browser.
  • Pause or temporarily disable adblockers on the website.
  • Close all VPNs that might be active on your computer. Refresh the page once closed.

Below are the steps necessary for downloading remote access tool. Download


Firstly, go to the main website at which will start your download automatically.

Run the downloaded file & go through the installation process & complete the procedures.

Once the installation process is completed, you can launch the software.

Step-By-Step Guide on Using

Follow the below procedure to use the software most effectively & correctly.

  • Browse to the folder where you downloaded the file from
  • After installation, launch your software.
  • A link will be stated which would say “Click here to start Glance”. Click on it & you will be able to join a remote session via Glance.
  • Your system will generate a code which is the address to communicate with the other user. Send the code to the other party.
  • The session will start once both links are established through the provided code.
  • You may end the session by clicking on the “Hang-up button”.

Glance Guest

The Glance Networks incorporation uses a flagship software known as Glance Guest. You have the right to modify the software suite as per the requirements & specifications of the client similar to what Glance did to Intuit for Quickbooks Pro & TurboTax.

You may also delete Glance Guest by visiting the “Add or Remove Program” in the main menu. In the settings, click on Apps, then choose to uninstall any App. Doing this will successfully uninstall the App within 2 minutes at maximum.

Glance Extensions. Are They Useful?

Glance website offers extensions for websites that allow you to communicate with the Glance management software straight away without the prompts. As Glance is a notable software, using these extensions is safe & your privacy does not get compromised by using it.

Final Words

This guide will help you regarding all your queries related to Leave a comment or query for further assistance & suggestions regarding this article.

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