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Facebook touch login: how to get advantages from it

We all have been more than familiar with the famous social media networking platform called Facebook. Some of us even are addicted to using Facebook and spend hours scrolling through the feed and liking numerous contents.

Although people use this platform on a regular basis, only a few know about another special feature this social media platform has to offer other than the website and the app.

Facebook apps for android and iOS are widely used and loved by billions of people worldwide. But there is another interface from the same creator of Facebook which is called Facebook Touch.

What is Facebook Touch? 

What is Facebook Touch?


Facebook Touch is an alternative version for the Facebook website that was launched back in 2009. It was specially designed for the users of Facebook, who uses the social media platform through handheld touchscreen devices.

Facebook Touch was launched as an enhanced and updated alternative to the mobile version of Facebook. Facebook Touch is specially designed for touch smartphones and is designed as a more complex and sophisticated version of a popular social media website.

Facebook Touch worked like any other Facebook application, but with better graphics and a more user-friendly interface. Facebook has developed two efficient mobile variations of its own app. Though the members can access the platform through an internet browser or a dedicated Facebook app.

Advantages of using Facebook Touch 

If you have been using the Facebook app all this time and recently heard about Facebook touch, you must be thinking about what difference does it make using Facebook Touch other than the Facebook app. Take a look here at some of the advantages using Facebook touch can give you:

  • The URL of the Facebook version for mobiles is while the URL for Facebook Touch is which is specially designed for touchscreen smartphone users.
  • Facebook Touch can run on low memory space.
  • It is directly connected through the internet browser, so the speed of its operations is a little faster.
  • High-quality audio and visual content are generated through Facebook Touch.
  • Compared to regular Facebook apps, the touch version covers the entire screen and provides a more exciting experience while watching videos and photos.
  • In the Facebook Touch version, Facebook users are offered a more stylish and sleeker-looking interface, similar to the iPhone.
  • Facebook Touch lets the interface run with minimal usage of power and thus has a low consumption of battery.
  • Facebook Touch can be used on touchscreen smartphones and also computers.

Disadvantages of using Facebook Touch 

As with everything in this world Facebook Touch besides having many advantages also have some disadvantages as well. Here are some disadvantages of using Facebook Touch listed below:

  • Facebook Touch is not optimized for bigger screens. So, it is only better to use a smartphone.
  • Facebook Touch lacks some of the basic features of the advanced version of the Facebook app.
  • The navigation of this version is not perfect.
  • Facebook Touch look similar to the Facebook website, but with even fewer tools and features.
  • Small icons on Facebook Touch often makes the version a bit crampy for the users.
  • Facebook Touch fails to provide safety-related features and blocks adult content.
  • It is considered an old version of the Facebook app.

Facebook Touch Login 

Facebook Touch Login 


It is relatively easy to log in using the Facebook Touch Login page. The login screen looks like a regular Facebook app. Simply enter your Facebook login information and click the login button. By doing so you will now be able to view a display much more enjoyable and better version of Facebook in terms of audio and visual content.

Facebook Touch App 

Facebook Touch app is also available on the internet which is preferred by some of the users of Facebook Touch. Though, you will not be able to find the APK of Facebook Touch on Google Play Store. In order to download the app, you will have to search and download it from any third-party website.

Besides APK, you can also download the Windows app of Facebook Touch in Windows 8 version or higher. It becomes relatively easier to surf and browse through the Facebook feed through the Facebook Touch app.




The web-based Facebook touch version may be the best way to browse the famous social media networking website without hassle. The biggest advantage of Facebook Touch over the app is that it is browser-based, so everything is faster than using the app.

Compared to Facebook Mobile, Touch has better audio and visual quality and significantly improves and increases battery life by minimal power consumption.

In addition Facebook Touch web-based capabilities of tools you want this mobile version can deliver. This version will allow you to fully combine your smartphone and PC for the most productive use of your favorite social media platform.

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