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Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay? Find the All Details here!

There are many occasions that we leave our house in a hurry and forget to take our wallets with us. Many of us have been in the same situation when we don’t possess our wallets and hence don’t have any cash or cards with us.

What happens if you start craving a Big Mac and your wallet is not with you? We will tell you a smart solution to this problem and it does not include suppressing your craving for Big Mac. You can easily pay at McDonald’s with your digital wallet or Apple Pay.

This article will brief you on whether does McDonald’s take apple pay or not and other payment options you can use at McDonald’s to enjoy your burger even if you forget to take your wallet with you.

What is Apple Pay? 

What is Apple Pay? 


Apple Pay is a fast and convenient cashless payment method for goods and services. As the name implies, Apple Pay is a service offered by Apple. Apple Pay is particularly only available on Apple devices such as the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Using Apple Pay is relatively easy. You don’t have to remember your PIN in order to make a transaction through Apple Pay or look for cash at checkout, you can simply scan your Apple device over the contactless reader to clear payment.

Apple Pay works with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which is a common technology present in most mobile devices. This is the technology used by mobile wallets and credit card terminals. To make a transaction successful, the terminal must be NFC compatible.

Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay?

Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay?


Does McDonalds take Apple Pay? If this is the question you have been searching the answer for, then here is your answer. Yes, McDonald’s take Apple Pay and also some other digital wallets like Samsung Pay and Google Pay which can also be used at McDonald’s to buy yummy burgers even if you forget to bring your wallet along.

Using Apple Pay with McDonald’s is very easy. Firstly, you must ensure that you have set up Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Then you can follow these simple steps to pay with Apple Pay at McDonald’s:

Apple Pay Using iPhone 

  • Double-tap on the button on the right side of your phone
  • Verify your identity to unlock your phone, either by entering your password or using Face ID
  • Open the Apple Pay app on your mobile phone
  • Hover or scan your iPhone near the restaurant’s contactless NFC reader
  • Your phone will indicate when the payment has been made

Apple Pay Using Apple Watch 

  • Double-tap on the button on the right side of your watch
  • Enter your password to unlock your watch
  • Open the Apple Pay app
  • Hover or scan your watch near the contactless NFC reader at the McDonald’s counter
  • Your watch will get a notification when the payment has been made

As you can see the steps to make a payment through Apple Pay is very easy and the procedure is quite the same from both the devices, iPhone and Apple Watch.

McDonald’s Drive-Thru 

Does McDonalds take Apple Pay at the drive-thru? Yes, you can make a payment at McDonald’s Drive-Thru using Apple Pay and the steps to make the payment are quite the same as at the counter. You just have to ask the counter employee at the drive-thru to provide you with the NFC reader so that you can scan the reader to make the payment.

As the NFC reader is no good at a distance, the employee will be happy to hand you the device for scanning and making a payment through your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple Pay On McDonald’s App 

You can also pay via Apple Pay even if you are using McDonald’s App. Though the steps to make a payment on the app is a bit different but still very simple. Follow these steps to know about how to make a payment at McDonald’s app.

  • Open the McDonald’s app and browse the menu
  • Once you have selected the items you want to order, add your items to your cart
  • Click on the continue to the payment option
  • Select Apple Pay as your payment method
  • Enter your required PIN
  • Your order is placed and your food will be on its way




Apple Pay is a very convenient way to make payments through your digital wallet. It allows the users to have the freedom of never carrying wallets or cards when going out. Using Apple Pay you can pay at most of the big brands as well as small stores. Some of the famous food outlets that accept Apple Pay are:

  • KFC
  • Wendy’s
  • Arby’s
  • Burger King
  • White Castle
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Taco Bell
  • Subway

Hopefully, this article cleared out the question in your mind “Does McDonald take Apple Pay?”

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