The Top 4 Key Tools for Gaming Online

The gaming world is constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies and advancements. Even though most people think of video games as a pastime activity best enjoyed in single player or during social gatherings, online gaming has taken the industry to a whole new level. You need the right tools to succeed in any game. If you’re an avid gamer, you probably have several useful apps and sites bookmarked on your browser or phone. But if you’re just getting started with online gaming, here are the top 4 tools you shouldn’t miss:


Steam is a multiplayer gaming platform that was first released in 2003. The software allows you to add your friends, invite them to games, start a server, and share screenshots, videos, and other content. Steam is a place where you can create a profile. The profile can be used to highlight your skills and achievements. It’s also a place where you can buy, sell and trade your games. You can also use the voice chat feature on Steam to talk to your friends while gaming. Your profile, friends, and chat history are all saved. So you can continue where you left off. You can also set privacy settings to control who can see your content.


Discord is a free voice and text chat app that is mainly used for gaming. The platform allows users to set up private servers for gaming clans or communities. Users have the option to create servers for specific games or topics. You can invite your friends or fellow gamers to join the server and chat with them. You can also mute or ban disruptive users from the server. Discord is useful if you are playing with friends that are in different locations, as you can easily communicate with your buddies and discuss the game progress. Users can also use voice and video calls to interact with each other. The app gives you the option to set up different permissions for different people. The app also lets you create text channels, voice channels, and invite new people to join your Discord server. Discord comes with a free plan. You can upgrade to the paid version if you want more features.


If you love to share your gaming moments with the world, then Twitch is the app for you. The video streaming service is mainly used by gamers to stream their gaming sessions. Everyone can set up a free account and start streaming on Twitch. You can even earn money from your channels if you register as a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, once you amass the number of followers required to qualify. You can invite your friends to watch your gaming sessions, or you can invite your viewers to chat with you during the stream. The app also features an in-built chat box where your viewers can leave comments and questions. You can also use Twitch to watch other gamers’ sessions. You can check out the app’s featured channels and popular games to discover new content.


eBlitz is one of the best free-to-use social and gaming tools to use for finding like-minded, non-toxic gamers to play with. So if you’re looking for new people to meet and game with, or new teammates for a specific game, then eBlitz is the app for you. Simply create your profile and bio, choose your top 5 favourite games, and start swiping through the match queue to match with like-minded gamers. You can also see people who have liked your profile too, before choosing to swipe right or left on them. Then utilise the new party feature to invite a bunch of people to join and communicate with, or just use their private chat system for a more one on one feeling! Download from the App Store on iOS or on the Google Play Store on Android.


The gaming industry is on a constant rise, and the future looks even more promising. The best way to enjoy your favourite online games is to play them online with other people. With the right tools, you can stay connected and interact with fellow gamers from anywhere in the world. You can even make new friends and expand your social circle. With these tools, you can improve your gaming experience, stay connected with your buddies, and share your passion with the world.

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