What are the Best Drag Clicking Mouse In 2022?

Choosing the best drag clicking mouse from the wide variety of options available in the market may seem an overwhelming task to accomplish. Not only does this argument hold valid for novice gamers and PC builders but also for regular gamers. This is because drag clicking mouses possess a particular set of characteristics that offers a much smoother and reliable gaming experience.

Are you one of those who have been looking for an idle drag clicking mouse but are unable to find one? If that is the matter, then you might have heard how drag clicking can provide a rock-bottom edge for high CPS games such as Minecraft.

Top Drag Clicking Mouses 

 Top Drag Clicking Mouses 


If simply put, drag clicking is a mouse movement technique in which one pushes and drags their finger across the left or right mouse button. Resultantly, the friction between their finger and the surface of the mouse produces vibrations that generate an extensive number of clicks each second (up to 60 clicks per second).

Particularly when it comes to dealing with Minecraft PVP, this drag-clicking technique can help you land a considerable number of hits against your opponent. We have mentioned some of the best mice for drag-clicking below for your consideration.

1. Roccat Kone Ammo 

The top-choice of frequent gamers who wish to buy the best mouse for drag clicking should be the Roccat Kone Ammo that offers a right-handed drag-free cord and an elegant design. Moreover, the 16k Owl-Eye Optical Sensor that this mouse supports makes it one of the leading choices of experienced Minecraft gamers.

With the Kone Ammo, gamers can witness an exceptional drag clicking experience with a count of 60 clicks per second. Although your skill level also dramatically affects the mouse’s performance, its bold design and grippy surface will indeed help.

2. Roccat Kone Pure Ultra  

With an Owl-Eye 16K optical sensor, ultra-lightweight, extended durability, and a low price, the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra serves as an idle choice for someone who does not want to buy something oversized or too stylish while still wishing for an all-in-one reasonable product.

The Kone Pure supports the same textured surface and optical switches as the AIMO but with a lighter, standard package. Despite its small size, it genuinely functions better than the AIMO, with a count of 65 clicks per second. Therefore, it constitutes the perfect choice for gamers who prefer minimum RGB lighting for their use.

3. Redragon M711 

If you are on a compromised budget but still looking for the best drag clicking mouse available in the market, then the Redragon M711 Cobra gaming mouse constitutes an excellent option. This means that with a budget-friendly cost of around $20-$25, one can conveniently purchase a decently manufactured mouse that covers all bare essentials.

With a count of 20 clicks per second, the M711 Cobra offers a flexible approach for moderate to frequent users. However, its only downside is that it supports a slightly inferior mouse switch built to withstand around 10 million clicks.

4. Glorious Model O 

The Glorious Model O mouse for gaming constitutes another great option for casual gamers as it offers everything that a player could wish for! With a matte textured surface and Omron mechanical durable switches built for withstanding 20 million clicks, the Glorious Model O indeed can be depicted as the best mouse for drag clicking.

Moreover, the distinctive honeycomb-themed shell design makes the mouse lightweight and convenient to use for long-term purposes. Regardless of the version you decide to purchase; it would be best to go for the ones that come with a matte surface.

5. Roccat Kain 200 Aimo 

This wireless mouse with performance coating and hinged buttons can indeed provide you with an extraordinary gaming experience which is why it can be described as the best drag clicking mouse. The Roccat Company has been known to manufacture some of the top gaming products available in the market today, and the Kain 200 Aimo is no exception.

With a much toned, professional look and the support of RGB lightning, why would not someone with accelerating gaming interests want to purchase this wireless beauty?

The Bottom Line 

The Bottom Line 


If you wish to learn how to make the best use of drag clicking strategies, you cannot go wrong with any of the gaming mouses mentioned above. Just ensure that you opt for the one that best suits your budget and personal preferences.

While drag clicking can significantly help one land more hits on enemies, you should know that some Minecraft servers picture it as an unfair practice. This means that you can get banned for using such a strategy. So, only try drag clicking on these servers at your own risk.

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