Succeed in Drop shipping | 3 forgotten criteria to take off!

Drop shipping is an online sales concept in which the web entrepreneur does not manage the stock and does not own it. The e-merchant begins by creating an online store, he places his products there, promotes them and writes the product sheets. When he makes a sale, he forwards the order and the customer’s details to the supplier who will handle the shipping. Finally, the drop shipper receives his commission. Does the method seem easy to you? It is, and that is why the competition is fierce. So how do you succeed in drop shipping? In this article, I offer you 3 criteria that are too often forgotten to finally get your online business off the ground!

The foundations for success in drop shipping

Before revealing the criteria that few people think of to succeed in drop shipping, let’s see if your foundations are well laid!

  1. You have carefully selected your niche domain and it seems perfect to you? Great, so the competition no longer scares you!
  2. Your market research is done and it promises you a good return on investment? You have to: business is business!
  3. Have you chosen among the many drop shipping suppliers those you can trust? It’s important, I would even say it’s essential, simply because the future of your e-commerce store depends on it. An unreliable supplier and your online business collapses.
  4. Have you created your website to promote your products? This is essential so that your potential customers can find you.

Are these first four points met? So you can quickly implement the next three methods that I will reveal to you in the rest of this article, in order to succeed in your e-commerce!

Mastering SEO to be visible: essential for success in drop shipping

The visibility

An online store is like a physical store, there are three criteria to take into account before launching:

  1. the location ;
  2. the location ;
  3. The location.

So on the Internet, there are no doorsteps to buy, but visibility to gain. If you cannot be visible to your Song Writing Services, they will not be aware of your products, but rather those of your competitors. This is why the fundamental point to work on to develop your online store is your SEO agency on search engines.

Good to know:

You can get visibility in several ways: this is called web marketing. He’s regrouping:

  • SMM (Social Media Marketing): Including SMA (Social Media Advertising — Paid advertising on social networks) and SMO (Social Media Optimization — Practices for optimizing the presence on social networks).
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing): including SEO (Search Engine Optimization — Practices aimed at optimizing and natural referencing of your site) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising — Paid advertisements on search engines).

Why SEO?

The presence on social networks is important today, but the effect of the publication of a post is only short-lived: from a few hours to a few days… So, it will be necessary to maintain your presence daily in order to that your potential customers find you!

The same is true for paid advertising on search engines. It can be a good idea when starting your e-commerce in order to generate your first income and make your online store known. But in the long term, it is better to think of a natural referencing strategy. Because it is the only free web marketing strategy to obtain long-term results.

Concretely, you will have to write product sheets and content optimized for search engines. Optimized content means at a minimum:

  • make good use of keywords;
  • To create unique content so as not to risk being penalized by the Google algorithm.

So if you have chosen to sell backpacks and if you offer identical backpacks, but whose color is different, you will still have to write a different product sheet for each of the backpack colors! You do not feel the soul of a web editor and even less of an SEO web editor? Call on our talents, they will know how to optimize each line of your e-commerce site!

Take into account the SXO: the user experience at the heart of the sale

The SXO — Search experience optimization or Optimization of the search experience — Brings together different techniques that allow the user to optimize his search on the Web.

When your potential customer arrives on your e-commerce site, he is looking for a product.

Case 1: Their experience on your site is optimal. He takes pleasure in browsing the pages, and reading the content of the product sheets, navigation is fluid and pleasant whether he is on his phone or on a computer. The descriptions are well detailed, the whole is clear. He will more easily project himself and therefore move on to the buying phase.

Case 2: Their experience on your site is not very pleasant. The content is not very explicit with spelling mistakes. The sentences are redundant (worse, he has already read them on another site!) and the photos of poor quality. So the customer will not stay on your site and even less project themselves enough to buy.

The SXO not only increases the visit time on your online store, but also reduces the bounce rate. These are two essential criteria for excellent natural referencing.

And, icing on the cake: the SXO will naturally increase the conversion rate, that is to say the number of people buying compared to the number of people visiting your site.

In addition, by paying attention to the user experience, you will stand out from the competition all the more easily.

You are curious, discover without further delay this excellent article: What is SXO? 3 points for deciphering it.

Create a targeted e-commerce site accompanied by a blog

What could be more attractive for a reader and a future potential customer than to obtain relevant information about the products he wishes to buy? Here, it is not a question of openly promoting the products of your shop, but rather of sharing advice on the theme!

For example, if you open an online store of decorative objects, why not make articles with tips of The Tiny Tech decorating your Website, dining room, and kitchen?

The second advantage of a blog linked to your e-commerce site: is trust. When your readers read several posts from your blog, and maybe even come back regularly, a relationship can develop between your reader and the author of the blog, in this case you. The purchasing process is triggered more easily by a person who knows the site that he has already visited several times, the seller does not then seem to him to be totally foreign.

Third advantage: visibility… again! If your e-commerce site is linked to a regularly updated blog, your natural referencing will explode!

Are you ready to start drop shipping? Do not hesitate to contact the Web team to help you set up your project.

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