Premade Labels vs. Custom Labels: Which Should You Choose for Your Products?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase premade labels or custom labels for your products. Cost, production time, and label design are just a few of the things you’ll need to think about. Keep reading to learn more about premade labels and custom labels so you can decide which option is best for your business.

Premade vs. Custom Labels

Premade vs. Custom Labels

When it comes to labeling your products, you have two main options: premade labels or custom labels. Each type of label has its own benefits and drawbacks, so which one you choose depends on your specific needs. Premade shrink sleeve labels are typically cheaper and faster to produce than custom labels. They also come in a wide variety of designs and fonts, so you can find one that matches your branding perfectly. Custom labels are more expensive and take longer to produce than premade labels. There are a few different types of sleeve labeling machines on the market, but the most common type is the shrink sleeve label applicator machine. This machine applies labels to containers in a way that shrinks them around the container. This sleeve applicator creates a tight seal and prevents the label from coming off in any way. This is a great option for products that will be shipped or stored in hot or humid environments, as it ensures that the label will not peel off or become damaged.

The Advantages of Premade Labels

There are a few key advantages to using premade labels rather than custom labels. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that premade labels are typically much more affordable than custom labels. This is because you don’t have to pay for the design and production of the labels, which can be quite costly. Additionally, premade labels are often available in a wider variety of shapes, sizes, and colors than custom labels, making them a better fit for many products. Finally, premade labels often come with pre-printed graphics and text, which can save you time and hassle if you don’t want to design your own label.

How to Decide Which Labels Are Right for You

When deciding if premade or custom labels are right for your product, there are a few factors to consider. The most important factor is the type of product you are labeling. If you are labeling a food item, then FDA regulations require that you use a pre-approved label. Custom labels cannot be used on food items. If you are labeling a non-food item, then you have more flexibility with what type of label you choose. Another factor to consider is how much customization you need on your labels. Premade labels can be used if you only need general text or graphics on your labels and don’t need any specific customization. The final factor to consider is budget. Custom labels tend to be more expensive than premade labels, so make sure that the extra cost is worth it for the level of customization that you need.

Labeling is an important part of any product, as it both informs the customer of what they are buying and differentiates it from competitors’ products. For small businesses, premade labels may be the better option, as they are less expensive and can be customized to a certain degree. Ultimately, the choice between premade and custom labels depends on the needs of the business and the products it is selling. If you have a sleeve machine, then you are able to use affordable sleeve labels. Traditional glued labels tend to peel off and they damage easily. They also leave residue on the product. With a shrink sleeve machine and premade labels, you’ll get clean adhesion. You can even remove the labels and recycle the containers.

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