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Multiplication Tables – Read Useful Info Here!

The listing of multiples of a number can be called a multiplication table. The process of multiplying a particular number with whole numbers can create multiplication tables. This is a basic part of mathematics that is taught to students at a very young age. The use of multiplication charts makes the concept interesting and understandable. The printable AQ charts are used in schools and even at home for effortless learning. The multiplication tables save a lot of time and energy in doing calculations, it gives quick solutions. A multiplication table consists of two sets of numbers, on the left side a row of a specific number is repeated and on the right-side numbers are written in a series like 1,2,3,4,5,……Printed multiplication tables are also available, hang them in the most noticeable place and just rolling your eyes at them can make you learn tables easily.

Multiplication Tables in Student’s Life

Multiplication tables can also be called ‘time tables’ which is the basic foundation of arithmetic calculations. Once we have learned the multiplication tables, there is little or no chance of forgetting them because things that we learn in childhood have a great impact on our brains. According to a biological survey, children’s memorization capacity is more than that of an adult.

Benefits of Learning Multiplication Tables

Multiplication tables help students build business a strong foundation in mathematics which also improves understanding of the subject and achieves excellence in mathematics. As it is a transferable skill, it is needed in student’s life as well as adult life.

  • The confidence of students can be boosted by understanding and memorizing multiplication tables because the task of solving Mathematical problems becomes easier. Multiplication tables also help students in the development of logical reasoning and heighten mathematical skills.
  •  Learning multiplication tables can help students overcome math anxiety and they may not find mathematics exams daunting. It will not only help them cope with their fears but also pushes their capabilities to their best level.
  • Multiplication includes many important concepts of mathematics such as algebra, division, and fractions. A strong grip on this particular part can help students to learn a variety of complex concepts with ease.
  • Learning and Recalling multiplication tables enhance the memorizing capacity of students. Students enjoy solving Mathematical problems when they are clear with the concept of multiplication tables.

Multiplication Table Used in Real-Life

There are numerous ways in which we unnoticeably use multiplication in our daily lives. Some of the instances of it are explained in the following points:

  • Multiplication tables act as building blocks in learning and retaining complicated concepts of mathematics like division, fractions, and so on. It prepares students for higher math learning.
  • The days in a week weeks in a month or months in a year. Learning this mechanism of calendar multiplication it is necessary.
  • Multiplication skills are very essential in photography as it demand accurate angles, depth, distance, and resizing of the pictures.


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