How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S21?

The technology around us has gotten much advance, even beyond our imagination. The smartphones have gotten much more fast & sophisticated which easily completes our daily tasks in a jiffy. However, there are certain functions of a mobile phone which always remain there. One such function is the screenshot feature.

A screenshot is an amazing way to capture interesting moments you browse on your cell phone. Whether it be an interesting conversation between friends, a funny meme you just saw, or even an important setting that you will forget if not saved, a screenshot helps us every time.

For most devices, there is one universal method of taking a screenshot successfully. However, in the latest smartphones launched by Samsung, there are more than the only universal ways to take a screenshot. In this article, you will learn how to take a screenshot on s21 & the different options in these new devices from Samsung.

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung s21 Using Buttons

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung s21 Using Buttons


Do you remember the old days when Samsung had a physical home button? People have many memories attached to that rectangular plastic piece as it was the signature button on Samsung devices. In those devices, capturing a screenshot was different than today.  It required you to press the home button & the power button to successfully capture a screenshot.

However, Samsung made a major change when it launched the Galaxy s8 by removing the physical home button. From that point on, viewers were introduced to several options to take screenshots on the new Samsung devices.

Samsung supports the traditional Android method of taking a screenshot using button presses. 3 simple steps will allow you to capture a screenshot using buttons.

  1. Firstly, make sure that whatever image or content you wish to capture is right on your screen.
  2. Press the power button & the volume down button on the right-hand side simultaneously.
  3. Upon doing it, the screen will flash from the borders & will notify you that you took a screenshot by making a capture sound. The captured image will be saved in the screenshot folder in the gallery.

Note that you are required to do a quick press of these buttons as long-pressing them will open up power controls.

How to Take a Screenshot on s21 Using Smart Capture

How to Take a Screenshot on s21 Using Smart Capture


Smart capture is also known as screenshot toolbar, which takes the screenshotting game to a whole new area. The smart capture allows you to edit or make any changes to your captured screenshot right away. There are 3 main steps involved in this which are described below.

  1. You are required to turn on the smart capture feature. You can do it by going in settings > advanced features > screenshots & screen recorder.
  2. Once you take a screenshot using the button method or any other method, you will get additional options on the bottom of your screen. You have the options to crop, draw, share, & scroll capture by the marked-down arrows.
  3. You can tap scroll capture to include the parts of the display which you can see on a webpage.

How to Take a Screenshot on s21 Using Palm Swipe

The button press method is considered very old school these days as technology is getting more advanced day by day presenting to you cooler perks & tweaks to your existing smartphones.

An alternate method to the button press is the palm swipe which is a gesture that allows you to take a screenshot on your new Samsung device. For doing this successfully, follow the below-described steps accurately.

  1. To enable the palm swipe option, you are primarily required to turn that setting on. You can do this by heading into settings > advanced features > motions & gestures > palm swipe to capture. Turn the option on.
  2. Now, to take a successful screenshot, you are required to swipe the side of your hand across the display. You can swipe either left or right, as it works both ways.
  3. Similar to the button press, the screenshot will be captured which will be notified from the flashing & the captured sound. The captured content will be saved in the Screenshots folder.


Here at Infinite Techy, we have shared the newest methods on how to take a screenshot on s21. Comment down below your reviews about the new Samsung devices & what other cool features you use from your smartphone daily.

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