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Automated Panelboards Bring Electrical Protection and Remote Control Capabilities

Lyn Tec, a primary creator of changed electrical power control deals with serious consequences regarding capable sound, video, and lighting systems, today pronounced that the association’s RPC 329, RPC 341, and RPS 342 panelboards are being used to work the roof lighting of one of the world’s most renowned plans: One World Trade Center in New York.

Renowned for their ability to give both fundamental circuits trading and electrical security inside a lone niche, LynTec’s RPC (Remote Power Controller) panelboards bring regulator capacities, contend features, and steady pariah GUI blend to the lights on the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere.

Presented over the plan’s 408-foot rooftop tower, the 104-story One World Trade Center’s guide pushed turning reference point illuminates the skyline by yielding in excess of 300,000 lumens at bidirectional distances of up to 50 miles.

The exceptional game plan uses a movement of single and twofold headed particularly LED tone uplight establishments to illuminate the pinnacle’s open steel frame while the development’s substituting guide uses a complicated show of white LEDs and pivoting mirrors to make an extraordinary sky-bound reference point influence.

To engage advanced electrical affirmation and direct untouchable joining all through the first class lighting foundation, structure integrator Barbizon – – the country’s greatest lighting blend association – – went to LynTec’s honor winning line of RPC panelboards with motorized breaker development.

“For this incredibly rare task, it was basic that each part gives the positive trustworthiness, market-driving quality, and inventive features that would allow us to make a lighting game plan that really merited a universally lofty milestone,” said John Gebbie, structures business improvement chief, Barbizon. “By picking LynTec’s RPC panelboards, we acquired a space-saving blend of exchanging and circuit security limits in one panelboard, controller limits through split the difference with our custom GUI, and the ability to get second alerts for lighting backing and organization – – all basic components for such a hard-to-get-to, high-rise foundation. LynTec is known for its unparalleled specialized help, which turned out to be huge for an endeavor of this importance and multifaceted design.”

Built expressly to supervise presented sound and lighting systems of any size, LynTec’s RPC panelboards join the latest motorized breaker development with Web-engaged circuit control, allowing integrators to helpfully set up, and program, screen, and control loads on a circuit-unequivocal level.

Open from any Web-engaged contraption, the game plans give a complete blueprint and license clients to take action from a good ways, achieving more noticeable foundation versatility, more capable power control, and the ability to provide guidance on/off control for LED lighting.

The panelboards moreover bring worked in auto-off brownout affirmation, optional progressive circuit level on/off limits, and the ability to speak with outcast control systems utilizing contact end, TCP/IP, DMX, or RS-232.

“Being picked for this excellent application truly sees LynTec as a making business region pioneer in the security, checking, and control of gigantic degree LED lighting establishments,” said Mark Bishop,
head of LynTec. “As well as supporting the undertaking’s lighting impacts, our RPC approaches increment the establishment’s energy ability, connect all the more sharp upkeep, and permit less complicated admittance genuine areas of strength for through off capacities. We are eager to quickly affect such a persuading achievement.”

A totally helpful endeavor, the lighting foundation on One World Trade Center components Strong Lighting Mini Solutions LED establishments with inward engines by DTS.

The reference point’s turning framework was enabled by JR Clancy while program control was given by Electronic Theater Controls (ETC) and Pathway Connectivity. All that foundation work was given by Five Star Electric and its IBEW circuit analyzers. All that electrical control was made possible by LynTec.

About LynTec

LynTec is a primary maker of remotely worked AC power control systems for master sound, lighting, and video ventures. The association offers both electrical confirmation and circuit trading capacities inside a comparable niche – – saving space, cutting down foundation costs, and building endowed relationships with structure makers.

LynTec’s predictable improvement in electrical and expanded lighting control, energy noticing, working in power trim, and convenient applications positions the association as a primary resource for the A/V and lighting endeavors and a fundamental accessory for legitimate energy practices. More information is available at

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